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Understandable Ad Testing

Understand and combine your A/B tests

Our service makes it easy to run lots of inexpensive ad experiments. Our machine learning then combines all the results, so you can understand where to focus.
To help you iterate quickly, experiments can finish in a day. A test of a new variant can cost as little as $40. After a few experiments this often makes a big difference to CTR and conversions, and also provides lessons you can use on other marketing channels.
By giving your team data-driven feedback, you can run higher-performing ads, have a more effective website, and design better products.
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Image of a robot representing Generative AI

Generative AI is Changing Marketing

Artists and writers now have AI assistants. With them, they can create high-quality ads much more easily, both for you and your competitors.
Unfortunately, manual testing and review is easily overwhelmed by a large amount of content. When this happens most teams end up skipping it or doing it wrong.

Marketing puts many out of business

By some estimates, over half of startups that go out of business do so because of marketing problems. This includes having trouble refining their product-market fit (34%) or problems with paid marketing (22%).
Diagram of a split test
Diagram of a split test

Facebook found a predictor of which brands perform well

Research from Facebook found that experiments matter.
In our sample, an advertiser that ran 15 experiments (versus none) in a given year sees about a 30% higher ad performance that year;
- Julian Runge, Facebook's marketing science research group

We make experiments easy and understandable

We help you manage collections of tests, then combine the results into a coherent whole.
This information gives you:
  • The feedback to create better-performing images and content
  • A head start on the learning process for other channels and new campaigns
  • Higher performing ads
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