Deciding Data

Use AI to tell the right story.


Know what is working

Ad platform attribution tells you about how many clicks your ads get. It doesn't tell you what part of your ad was the most compelling (images, value proposition, headline wording, etc.). To understand that, you need experiments. In fact you need a group of experiments and a system that can combine them into a single set of insights.

Our software helps you orchestrate effective campaigns of experiments. Beyond stand-alone A/B tests, it makes it easier to build collections of tests that work together to reveal which parts of your campaign are performing and which aren't.


Know how to improve

Knowing how much money the value proposition (or wording or landing page) in a campaign is worth, gives you more than performance insights. It gives you the path to improve the next version (and the budget).

We use AI to help you see which components work for each audience.


Better Together

Think of this software as night vision for your marketing.

AI can see through the randomness. But, there is still a human to respond and craft a meaningful story.

This software helps humans and AIs use each of their talents most effectively. Humans create ads and suggest possible audiences. The AI reveals which aspects of an ad show promise, sharing what it learns from automatic statistical tests. This allows you to quickly focus on the best performing ads and discover what each audience really cares about.


Open Source

Behind the curtain, this software uses a combination of Probabilistic Models, Reinforcement Machine Learning (beyond black box models), and some visualizations that reflect the structure the AI sees.

We are working on releasing much of it under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. However, due to privacy concerns we won't be releasing some of the data used to augment certain models.