Deciding Data

A market­ing AI that collabor­ates with you


The Challenge

Presently, the best digital marketing AI systems tune ad bids and audience targeting. But, there is a lot more to marketing than finding the right price for an ad.

AI's don't communicate well with humans

The patterns these systems find could help marketers emphasise the right features, businesses quickly find areas of demand, and customers be better served.

Human's don't communicate well with AIs

With some more information from humans, the AI's could save money by optimizing ads even faster.

The performance of one ad can reveal a lot about the likely performance of other ads. To use this information well, the AI needs to know how a business's value propositions, ads, and target audiences are related to each other.

Deciding Data

Deciding Data is an AI system designed to communicate and asks questions. It helps marketers understand demand, learning what story and product customers want. It is also able to save money by asking the right questions, allowing it to identify the most profitable bids and audiences faster.


Tell the Right Story

Ads that express value proposition 1 have been resonating the most with marketing professionals. These ads may warrant a bit higher proportion of the budget (particularly ad 3). But, it might be worth trying out some different ways of expressing it. The ads in this group perform pretty differently, suggesting this audience may be relatively sensitive to how the value proposition is framed.

All the ad variants for value proposition 3 have seen similar performance. Even though we have only been running them for a few days, there is a good chance (78%) that they have the highest conversion rate with this audience. But, their click-through-rate is below average. These might be good candidates for ads in a different medium or context.


Better Together

AI is great at optimizing and testing. But, humans are much better at telling meaningful stories and creating emotionally compelling ads that connect with customers.

This software helps humans and AIs use each of their talents most effectively. Humans create ads and suggest possible audiences. The AI estimates which topics and audiences show promise, sharing what it learns from automatic statistical tests. Together, this allows a business to refine their ads and focus on what each audience really cares about.


Open Source

Behind the curtain, this software uses a combination of Probabilistic Models, Reinforcement Machine Learning (beyond black box models), and useful visualizations and interfaces.

We are working on releasing much of it under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. However, due to privacy concerns we won't be able to release some of the data used to augment certain models.



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