Deciding Data

How our testing service works

January 6th 2023

Here is a quick walk-through of the process our testing service uses.

1. Give Us Ads to Test

Ads to test

Using your present creative process, you can share several potential ads that you are interested in. We can test images or videos, the textual components of an ad, and different targeting such as focusing on particular geographic areas, interest groups, or demographics.

2. Deciding Data suggest a budget

Using the content that you would like to test and your present cost per click, we suggest a testing budget. We work to keep this as low as needed to get helpful results, but you are welcome to adjust it. We have several tactics to get you the most information for almost any spending level.

3. Deciding Data runs the tests

We run tests

After you've chosen a budget, we launch the tests in your account on the ad platforms. Because there are limits on the size and overlap of tests on the Meta or Google platform, we often launch many smaller tests. We set them up so that we can stitch the results together into an overall actionable picture at the end.

Having it in your account also means it automatically works with any data systems you already have in place for attribution or budget monitoring. You control the raw data.

4. Share the results

results of targeting test

As the experiments progress, we pull in the performance data and update the results in our system.

We use a Bayesian statistical approach and express the results as probabilities that a particular option is the best. We find this is easy to interpret while still being open about the strength of the evidence. It also means that we can show you results as the experiment runs.

Deciding Data helps make ad testing easy and understandable. If you would like a tool to help understand your ads. We're happy to chat.